Our farm provides a completely new service which differs from the ordinary rural tourism. People got used to relax at certain accommodations equipped with all modern conveniences like gas central heating, sauna, air conditioning or luxury bathroom and so on wrapped in a peasant look.

In contrast our farm is a live, active one where we not only offer a service ’leave everything to the eyes and the camera” but you’re allowed to try out everything. Besides showing how our ancestors and grandparents used to live we are taking our guests into the everyday lives of old times. For instance make fire in a traditional oven, bake bread in a furnace, carry water from the well. Slaughter poultry or rabbit to have ingredients for lunch, etc.

This radically different lifestyle offers a real challenge and recreation for those who wish to be far from the everyday rat race, from the accelerated world due to our smart gadgets.

Our farm house is deliberately not equipped with all modern conveniences (such as TV, central heating or flush toilet) ensuring its authenticity and originality. We intend to provide the lifestyle of our grandparents i.e. how they were cooking washing themselves in a bath and basin and used a garden toilet.

I am challenging our guests in a good sense: Are you brave enough to try how our ascendants used to live 100 years ago and earlier? Furthermore how can you live economically, enviromental consciously as our great grandparents hardly polluted the environment. actually this is one of our mottos: Think about it and put up the question: Are we strong enough in our soul to spend a couple of days in this surrounding or are we fastidious?

Our farm is a living country house which offers perfect possibility for:

reading, thinking, meditation, freedom from smart technology for a while. Families with children can spend time with domestic animals that they haven’t touched before. Even people suffering from burnout can pet a goat, piglets or rabbits. If you feel overloaded come and relax this way.

Dear guests,

We offer a special time travel to the past, back to our great-grandparents’ era, where the everyday objects are not only exhibited but also ready to be used. Moreover you can live the life of our ancestors! Bake bread in a traditional oven; cook meals in kettle on fire or on vintage stove. Slaughter chickens, rabbit sor piglets. Wash yourself in an antique washbasin or in a bathtub. Try the outhouse, pull water from an old well, sleep on a bed of straw. Enjoy the romantic country life, light a vintage old patromax.

We give you help if you need in making fire and heating up the furnace, processing animal’s flesh, etc. the host is ready to assist you.

We are waiting for those who love folk traditions and would like to try this extreme although calm way of life for a couple of days.

We give you possibility for:

feeding animals in the morning
petting animals
taking part in the bits of rural life


2 doublerooms (possibility for extra beds)
a well-equipped kitchen
cosy porch
place for cooking in a kettle outside


1 night: 6,000 HUF/person
2 or more nights –discount price: 5,000 HUF/ person
Booking an accommodation is possible for 2 adults at least
Children (under 6): free of charge
Tourist tax is included in the prices.


Our guests can make dishes according to their taste. They are allowed to bake in an old baking room, cook in a vintage oven or couldron as our ancestors used to do. We supply them with the ingredients grown in our garden and provided by our domestic animals such as meat, eggs, lard, etc.

Breakfast 1000 HUF
(egg, mangalitza lard, bread, local smoked mangalitza sausage, coffee, tea)

Lunch 3000 HUF
( potato, onion, herbs and spices, different pastas, seasonal vegetables from our garden

Dinner: 1,000 HUF
(bread, mangalitza head cheese, fruit and vegetables, egg, coffee, tea)

Making meals may include the following:
using a cauldron which is free
using an old baking room- 2,000 HUF
laughtering a chicken or a rabbit- free
slaughtering piglets- 10,000 HFU depending on the size
Trust in the farmer, he’ll help you.

Other services:
The Old Times Guesthouse is more than happy to welcome guests for freetime activities without sleeping on the spot. These include
Cooking in a couldron
grill party
baking in a traditional furnace
wedding photos are allowed to be taken
petting animals
loooking around in the art gallery of the artist Mr Csaba Sipos, paintings are for sale


Jufa Vulkán Spa in Celldömölk - 5 kms
Ság hill – 6 kms
Spa in Mesteri - 9kms
Termálfürdő, Sárvár, 14 km

Important to know:

Washing yourself is possible in a traditional washbasin or authentic sitting bath!
Toilet is in the garden
Water supply is from a standing well that is in front of the house- clean water comes from the piping system.
There’s electricity in the house.
Smoking is not allowed in the house.
We accept cash only.
We do speak English.

Checking in: Between 14 and 20.
Checking out: until 10 a.m.


Our adress

9511 Kemenesmihályfa
Hunyadi str. 79.

Phone: +36 20 391 1830
E-mail: info@letuntidok.hu