The almost forgotten harmony of old ages ...

Time travel to the world of our grandparents

A drop of the past ...

In an age-appropriate environment, and comfortably

An island of tranquility in Kemenesalja

Nature. Silence. The charm of old times ...

Dear Visitor!

Welcome to our website, we are pleased to announce that our guest house has been renovated. It has undergone an almost complete refurbishment to accommodate our guests in greater comfort. Our country house-type guest house is located in a quiet, calm, green, hidden secluded little corner of Kemenesmihályfa, a village with less than 500 people. It provides an excellent opportunity for having rest, reading, thinking, meditating, relaxing burnout. Gadget-dependent young people can get rid of their smart devices for a while here moreover families with children and single people may spend a couple days in the old times guesthouse. We give our guests the feeling of nostalgia by offering the opportunity to experience the joy of baking bread in an oven, making fire in an old cooker called sparhelt, carrying water from the well, stewing, grilling, etc.


"Age Gone By" Guesthouse



2x2 bedded rooms with extra beds, Maximum 6 people can stay in our guesthouse at a time
TV watching, Free Wi-Fi
Bathroom is equipped with: shower, toilet, sink, towels



In the kitchen: refrigerator, sink, microwave, coffee, tea, coffee maker, tea maker, electric stove, dishes, cutlery, etc.



Free parking
Possibility for cooking in a kettle outside
Barbecue facilities

About the host

At the age of 25, Csaba Sipos felt that Hungary was tight for him, so he packed up his backpack and set off his journey to see the world on his way.

His first longer trip spent in Israel for a few years, where he established his knowledge of English. After that, he lived in New Zealand and Scotland for years, along with many trips, travelling to other places and countries.

During his travels, he was motivated to paint: wherever he went, he was inspired to take what he saw on canvas or paper. you can have a look at his art gallery 50 meters away from the guest house.

After his wanderings, he returned home to his native village. Motivated by the nurturing of ethnographic values, he transformed a crumbling old farmhouse into a decorative guesthouse. Recently these folk motifs appear in his works of art. He has been living happily at home with his family in Kemenesmihályfa since 2008. Nowadays it’s less frequent but if he has time, he takes the brush to paint as an artist.

Attractions in the area

Tourist opportunities in the area:

  • Excursion to Ság mountain (9 km)
  • Volcano Museum (9 km)
  • Volcano Bath, Celldömölk ( 7 km)


  • Under the age of 6 the accommodation is free
  • Between 7 and 18 years old: 6,000 HUF / night
  • Above 18 years: 11,500 HUF / night
  • For 2 guests in one room: 13,500 HUF / night
  • Additional price in heating season: 1,700 HUF / night

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