About us

"Age Gone By" Guesthouse (Letűnt Idők Vendégház)

In a few sentences we would like to introduce our guest house made of a more than 100-year old farmhouse in Kemenesmihályfa.

As my home village, I really consider the settlement of Kemenesmihályfa to be my home as I grew up and settled here. Although I had lived in several distant countries for more than 10 years, my heart brought me home and I bought the neighbouring dilapidated old house that I had been attached to ever since I was a child. We used to visit Uncle Antal, the old man who lived in there.

Preserving the traditions of our grandparents and great grandparents furthermore the Hungarian ethnographic values mean a lot to me providing inspiration for creating a guesthouse like this one.

The house has been restored to its original condition. Although it is equipped with the necessary amenities, we tried to preserve the authentic, country house character with small windows, low doors and furniture. We would like to show these to you and host anyone interested in an "Old Time" environment.

Our guest house is an excellent opportunity for those who want to relax, who would like to feel nostalgia and romanticize a bit in an age-appropriate environment. It is also an ideal place to take a rest for those who love quiet, close-to-nature environment.